Building a Joomla Website

An overview of how to start and what to look for when building a joomla website.
I am assuming that you have joomla installed on your server. So, if you have a problem with installing joomla, I would write about it in a different article.
I am writing it in a very simple way.
Just like a flowchart.

1. Logging in to your administration account –

To do this you need to use your website address (or the full address of the folder in which you have installed Joomla!) followed by ‘/administrator’. For example, if your website address is, to access Joomla! you would normally type: www. This brings you to the Joomla! login page. You know what you need to do after you reach your login page. Just type in your username and password and login.

2. The next thing that we need to do is to create a section. To create a new section .
Click on the section manager icon on the homepage. The section manager helps you to add and edit sections. To edit a certain section either select it from the menu or just click on it. To add a new section, click on the ‘New’ button. Clicking on the ‘New’ button will take you to the section editor where you choose a name and title for the section that you are adding and also add any introductory text that you want. You may also associate any image you want with the section in the section editor

3. Next we create a category.
This step is similar to the above step. Here you will click on the Category Manager Icon. When you reach the Category Manager, you can edit or add categories, as you like. You could also move a category to a different section in the category manager.

4. Now after you have created or added the sections and categories, you are now ready to add content. This is done by going to the content Items manager. You can use the content items manager to choose which content or article should be visible on the site and whether it should be on the front page or not.

I don’t want to overload you with information and so I will write more in part 2 of “Building a Joomla Website”

If you don’t want to wait any longer for part 2 and want to get started now, then Click Here.


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